Common Dental Problem Faced By Kids

kids dental problem

Most kids are very fond of sweets. No matter how much you advise them, they will still end up eating the sweets. But if you don’t take care of your kid’s teeth, it would cause tooth decay. Many doctors have recommended site to people who have kids with tooth decay which gives more information about how tooth decay can be taken care of.

If the kids don’t wash their mouth after eating, Plaque which is a white sticky substance will form on their teeth and gums. The bacteria are formed from the Plaque and feeds on the sugar which is present in the food they eat. This causes an acidic reaction on the teeth which strips away all the minerals from their enamel and causes tooth decay.
According to some informative sites like, it’s not only kids, but even grown-ups are affected with tooth decay.
There are many factors which can bring about tooth decay in kids which has been explained in detail through this article.

· The tooth decay in an infant can be caused if they are frequently having sugary drinks such as sugar water, fruit juices or milk.
You should keep your baby’s pacifier or bottle clean and sugar-free. Your baby’s pacifier should never be dipped in honey, sugar, or any sweet liquid before giving it to them. Give them less sugary drinks. You must stop adding sugar to your baby’s food. Before the baby’s first tooth comes out, you need to always wipe the gums with a clean and wet piece of cloth.

· It is very hard to stop a baby from thumb sucking. When once the permanent teeth have come out if the baby still sucks his thumb, the teeth might protrude outwards which may cause in the misalignment of the teeth. Sucking can also cause speech problems or incorrect eating habits in a child.
Parents will find it very tough in discouraging a child from thumb sucking. The more you tell the child to stop, the more they would suck their fingers. You need to give them praises and also try to offer rewards if they are able to refrain from the habit till a certain amount of time.

· The habit of sealing the mouth for swallowing by pushing forward the top of the tongue against the lips is tongue thrusting. It too causes misalignment of the teeth, eating problems and speech development.
If your child is tongue thrusting, you need to show him to a speech therapist at the earliest for correcting the problem. They may provide you with a treatment plan for helping your child develop a new swallowing pattern and to increase the strength of their muscles that are used for chewing.

· Early tooth loss in a child may occur before the setting in of permanent teeth. This can be due to tooth decay, lack of jaw space or injury. If this condition is left untreated, the remaining teeth may crowd into the space which was intended for the permanent tooth.

Early tooth loss in a child can be prevented by starting out on a proper oral hygiene routine. Make sure the food you give your child is sugar-free and healthy.

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