Tips To Improve Testosterone Levels

Testosterone Levels

It is important for men to know the benefits of hormones and its value. If the testosterone levels are low, then you can opt for Testosterone therapy. This therapy will increase the body composition instead of just resistance training, but it will not increase the physical functionalities, which is far beyond resistance.

If you are looking for natural ways to boost testosterone, then you can find natural ways in by increasing the lifestyle. The importance of testosterone is way more than building muscles and libido maintenance. Testosterone decides many of the common behaviors of men.

Testosterone is not only important for men but is important for women too. Female when compared to male produces only 5 to 10% of testosterone. Let’s discuss the link between testosterone and men related health.

Testosterone Basics
The three forms of testosterone in the body are albumin-bound testosterone, free testosterone and globulin bound testosterone. A major amount of testosterone is linked with SHBG(sex hormone binding globulin) and is not easily available.

The testosterone levels are 1 to 2%, and the remaining is albumin. The bioavailability of testosterones is the free and albumin-bound testosterone. It is hard to test testosterone accurately as the amount is negligible. The total amount of testosterone is taken into consideration when measuring whether they are more or less.

Testosterone is released in small amounts instead of being released throughout the day, and they should constantly be monitored. Testosterone levels decrease with increase in age. The level of testosterone reduces after men reach 40. The reduction rate is 1.6% per year.
Though the reduction in testosterone levels is uncertain most of them have reduced testosterone levels due to lifestyle and the lack of nutrition in their diet.

Many people suggest that the reduced testosterone levels are due to the lifestyle changes, less exercise, and choices and it has no link to age.

Body Composition
Obesity and testosterone levels are closely linked with each other. There is always a debate on the reasons behind low testosterone levels. Some say weight gain is a reason for low testosterone levels while others say due to reduced testosterone levels weight gets increased.
Reduced muscles when trying to reduce the body fat may make the entire body composition worse. The loss in muscles may lead to increased blood sugar levels which eventually will hike the insulin resistance, but reduced testosterone levels are associated with the build up of insulin resistance.

When the body fat increases, the fat tissues may lead to testosterone conversion, which may lead to the appearance of female characteristics, like the difference in emotional state or breast issue, which is commonly called gynecomastia. Reduced testosterone and increased estradiol can result in an increase in belly fat. This is the reason sex hormones should be exclusively tested instead of testing the testosterone alone. The individual hormones don’t work alone without other hormones. When you realize your testosterone levels are less, then it’s a safe bet to go for testosterone therapy.

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