Top Nutritional Foods For Muscle Recovery

If you are a body builder then you must take the meal that comprises the right amount of nutrients, minerals and vitamins to give the required muscle strength, energy, and fast recovery from muscle injuries. If you fail to take the essential nutrients through food items then you must compensate it through the supplements available in the market. For example, your body must produce a certain amount of NO for the required amount of blood flow in your body and muscle strength and you can check more benefits of Nitric Oxide on the website

The important food items you must take which contain the essential nutrients for a workout are explained below.

Water is the important one which is good for hydration. The runners must drink plenty amount of water since when running downhill, the runners become dehydrated and also feels greater muscle pain and water is the good choice in such case. Water is essential for your body for the regulation of muscle, heart and temperature of the body. You must drink for the entire day and not recommended to drink only pre workout or post workout.

The second one is beetroot. The beetroot is very good for the people who do regular workouts. This pink color vegetable is very healthy. Drinking the beetroot juice before running helps you run for an extra ten minutes. You must drink 250 ml of beetroot before two to three hours of workout or consume after immediately your workout. To hide the earthy taste of beetroot, you can add some chopped apple to it.

It is also good to take watermelon after workouts. It relieves muscle soreness after workouts. Watermelon contains L-Citrulline an amino acid that reduces the muscle soreness and enhances glucose supply to skeletal muscles where glucose acts as a fuel to your muslces. Your body converts L-citrulline to another amino acid L-arginine and nitric oxide which reduce the recovery heart rate. It is suggested to take 500 ml of watermelon juice one to two hours before your workout. You must ensure to retain the fiber in the juice which releases more energy.

You must also add some green vegetables to your food. Green vegetables like bok choy, spinach, watercress, cruciferous veggies like cabbage, kale, broccoli which helps to decrease cortisol level after your tough workouts. The green vegetables contain anti-oxidants which decrease post workout inflammation. Watercress is the more interesting veggie which contains more antioxidant than the other veggies. It safeguards the cell against oxidative damage like DNA damage.

Those who do tough workouts can take fatty fishes which include cod and salmon. The fatty fishes are enriched with powerful nutrients like omega 3 and protein. Vitamin D and calcium available in these fish boost bone health, immune and muscle function. Omega 3 is very much important for the people who do heavy training. It eliminates the muscle damage by enhancing the key enzymes participated in the protein synthesis. It decreases the risk of muscle damage and improves the collagen synthesis in ligaments and tendons.

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